1 Sep 2007

Another party? When..hurting.. stops?

Posted by walterheck

When I woke up (how the hell did I not have a big hangover?!) Diederik, Esther and me had a nice breakfast. We talked, talked, talked and finally said goodbye. Two more people that I will definitely miss!

Off to Utrecht for another party with friends. I decided that I wanted to hitchhike, so I took a bus to the nearest highway entrance and started hitchhiking. I made it to Maarssen in about 4 different cars. Unfortunately I got hopelessly stuck in Maarssen (7 Km from where I needed to be 🙁 ). After an hour I gave up hitchhiking and started looking for alternative ways to get to the city center. Just when I found a bus stop that actually was in service on Saturday, my friends contacted me to ask where I was. When I told them, they insisted on picking me up, which was extremely nice and very much appreciated.

The party in Utrecht was a lot of fun as always. A reasonable amount of beers and low-intellectual fun later, I went to bed.

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