31 Aug 2007

Packing up, leaving and saying goodbye to the geeks from work

Posted by walterheck

When I woke up, I was immediately excited: this was the day I had been waiting for for so long. It finally arrived! I started packing, my dad helped me write down everything my parents need to know in case of an emergency (phone numbers, email addresses, who to contact, passport, credit card and bank numbers etc.). Then I went to the barber for a final haircut, dropped off my glasses at the optician and picked up my id-tags from the shoemaker. I finished packing and then the biog moment was there: leaving the last place I would call home for a long time.

My dear parents dropped me off outside of Zoetermeer and I hitchhiked to Rotterdam. My driver dropped me off somewhere in the north of the city, and it cost me more than an hour to finally reach my goodbye-party at work. Showing up late for your own goodbye party, classy!

At the party a lot more people showed up than I expected, they gave me super-nice gifts and afterwards we went to have dinner and some (okay, a lot of 😉 ) beers. It was an awesome night and it made me even sorrier to leave this company. I arrived at Diederik’s house at an unknown time to find a bed made for me and a (extremely thoughtful!) bottle of water next to my bed.

PS. A special thanks goes out to Fina, the super nice lady from work that brought me a very nice gift totally unexpected. Fina, hou die gasten goed onder de duim tot ik terug ben hoor!

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