29 Jul 2007

Goodbye Rotterdam!

Posted by walterheck

I know it has been a while, but between the collective wrapping up and me moving out of my apartment, updating my blog was kind of low priority.

I am sitting here in the half empty living room of my apartment, spending the last night here. Tomorrow, when I hand in the keys to this apartment, I will officially be a poor bastard. I am getting rid of 95% of all the stuff I own and that feels kind of weird. This is definitely the weekend of no return. I am very happy that I found my friend Nicolas to take over the apartment, which saves me a hell of a lot of trouble!

I just came back from the local pub downstairs to say goodbye to everyone there (don’t worry, I’m nowhere near drunk 😉 ). Message in dutch:

“John: heel veel sterkte met je dochter en natuurlijk ook met je arm. Als ik het paradijs vind, laat ik het je weten en dan zorg je maar dat je langs komt! Alex: Leuk om nog even afscheid van je te kunnen nemen. Al was ik geen super vaste klant, het was altijd tof  om een biertje bij je te komen drinken!”

I’ll be going to the Wacken  festival this week, and after that I will be living with my dear parents. Only one more month before the big trip starts!

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One Response to “Goodbye Rotterdam!”

  1. wow, that must be so liberating to not have all that stuff… O.o